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Starts On: November 25, 2017
IMS Unison

Last Updated On : November 15, 2017

The Competition is open for students pursuing three/ five year LL.B. Degree Course from recognized Law College/University in India, subject to fulfillment of the registration formalities.
Each team shall consist of maximum of two members (one Senior Advocate and one Junior Advocate). All participants are mandatorily required to carry their University/College ID Cards during the competition.
  1. ROUNDS:
    1. Preliminary Round (25 teams)
    2. Quarter-Final Round (12 teams)
    3. Semi Final Round(4 teams)
    4. Final Round(2 teams)
  2. Time-Slots
    1. Preliminary Round : 30 minutes
    2. Quarter-Final Round : 35 minutes
    3. Semi-Final Round : 40 minutes
    4. Final Round : 50 minutes
(The participating teams shall adhere to this time limit in every circumstance)
The Consultation Period (Interview Period):
The first 20 minutes in the Preliminary Round and 25 minutes in Quarter-Final, 30 minutes in Semi-Final round and 40 minutes in Final Round are devoted for consultation with the client during which lawyers are expected to elicit the relevant information, outline the problem and propose a solution or other means of resolving the problem (Further information is contained in the Judging Standards for the Client Counseling Competition.) During the consultation and post- consultation, the teams may use books, notes and other materials.
Post Consultation Period (Post Interview Period):
The remaining time from the total time as specified above will be for post-Consultation period i.e. the last 10 minutes in all the respective rounds are devoted for post consultation. During the post-consultation period, the students may either talk to each other loudly enough to be overheard by the judges, or dictate a file memorandum on the interview, or both.
The concept behind the post-consultation period is to summarize the interview, indicate the scope of the legal work to be undertaken, and state the legal issues that should be researched. Explanation of the position or attitude taken by the client students may be useful. Judges may question the teams during the post consultation period.
All the Problems shall be based on either of the subjects, solely or in combination therewith:
  1. Contract Law
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Family Law
  4. Law of Torts
  5. Constitutional Law
The participants are expected to have knowledge of other ancillary laws and procedures.

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Important Dates

Date TitleDate
Last Registration DateNovember 20, 2017


AddressIMS Unison University, Dehra Dun

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