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About Us

InstaKhoJ connects students to educational opportunities through skill-based competitions, events and workshops.

What is InstaKhoj

InstaKhoJ.org is a platform created by a bunch of students. It is created to enhance and ignites a new spirit of competitiveness among young students. The aim of InstaKhoJ is to provide authentic details about all the latest competitions, events & workshops happening around you so that you can participate. It’s a platform for organizers as well as for students.

For organizers it’s a big opportunity to promote their competitions, events online with us on our portal. We help them to reach to their target audience and market it well to get maximum registrations. We promote: Competitions | Events | Workshops | Conference | Summit

We are trusted by more than 30+ organizers from various institutions across country.
"From Organizers to Competitors"

Services We Provide

InstaKhoJ is a portal for students as well as for organizers. We aim to provide organizers to reach out to their target audience through this portal. Students will be able to view & participate in the competitions through this portal. Services we use to provide:

  • Publish Competitions Details: You can list & publish competitions on InstaKhoJ platform.
  • Promote among target audience: We promote things among your target audience.
  • Get Your Registrations Online: Get Set Go..to be online. Open your registrations online on our platform and get more reach and participation.
  • Promote on Social Media Handle: Never under estimate the power of social media. We promote competition, event & workshops on our social media handles.
  • Featured Space for Competitions: We provide special space on our platform to get more visibility of competitions & events.
  • Exclusive Mails: We send exclusive mails about your competitions/offerings to our audience. We send customized mails to our audience.
  • Query Center: To answer queries of participants.

BackStory of InstaKhoJ Portal

We are a bunch of regular guys who have to travel far and wide to follow our passion, and as we are the quintessential ‘Indian’ we have a healthy spirit of competition inside us In spite being inquisitive, we miss out competitions many times as we are not aware about the competitions going around us or maybe organizers are not able to spread it well! Now you get the idea, why we got the idea to launch this portal? So basically this portal is born out of need to enjoy, participate in competitions, events & workshops and also help organizers to promote their competitions, events & workshops well. Many competitions which are going in other colleges are not published or promoted well, so here is a portal which brings maximum competitions, events & workshops for students.

We are inspired by the needs & enthusiasm of the students to participate in competitions. Our inspiration is also from platform Dare2Compete. We are inspired from both of these things to start something helpful for students as well as for organizers.

Advertise With Us

We help you to provide maximum reach out to our visitors through various static advertisement banner spaces visible on all the prominent pages of the website and also through our promotional graphical emails.

For advertisements/queries feel free to reach us at: instakhoj@gmail.com

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Beautiful Websites, LOGOs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing visit www.designofox.com